Nature meets tech

We started Embla because we are passionate, not only about the design and the newest technologies but also about the natural ingredients too. After much experimenting, we have decided to offer only beeswax candles as it's truly the premium option.


Beeswax is the only type of wax that comes straight from nature in its pure form. It’s sustainable and produces the highest quality candles ever. (Yes, it's even better than vegetable waxes!) It’s an all-natural, non-toxic substance that bees use to build their honeycombs. When cleaned and filtered, they make the most aesthetically pleasing and healthiest of candles.

It has been proven that beeswax candles help neutralize pollutants in the air. These candles eliminate dust, odors, mold and also ease allergy and asthma. Beeswax candles burn cleaner, longer and are almost dripless.

We have taken this beautiful material and given it a fresh new form. In fact, many new forms that can be found in our library of candle shapes. Not to mention, it takes to all of our designer candle shapes perfectly and helps them keep their original shape as they burn.

Embla seamlessly combines the best nature has to offer with the most state of the art 3D printing methods, achieving an entirely new aesthetic with an age-old recipe for the perfect candle.