Custom Candles


Looking for a corporate gift that really lights up a room? There has never been such a simple way to upload your logo directly onto a candle. Bringing warmth, ambiance and a whole lot of personality into any space. Custom candles are a new and unique take on personalized products. Handcrafted in San Francisco with all-natural beeswax, making it highly desirable for those who are allergic or sensitive to smells. The all natural composition ensures little (if any) smoke when they burn and very little drip, making them last longer and keeping your space cleaner and more comfortable. All candles are naturally scented with the aroma of honey and we also offer a variety of additional fragrances. 

You can select one of our templates to upload your design onto. Alternatively, if you have any ideas for custom shapes or colors, you can send us a design of your choosing. We can produce custom candles in a variety of shapes or colors.