How We Calculate Pricing 

When it comes to custom projects, no two products will ever be the same. However, we do offer standard templates for soap and candles. With custom shaped products and plastic pieces, we'll be able to estimate the price once we know all the details and the complexity of your project. With everything, the price decreases as you order more.

3D Modeling 

Using your logo or design, we create a high-resolution 3D model which will be sent to you for approval. 

For our standard soap and candle template shapes, it's a one time flat fee of $30.

For custom designs, we charge an hourly fee of $50.




We are currently working with two main casting materials: soap and candles.

The casting price varies per piece. For our standard templates, it starts at $4.94 for soaps and $6.80 for candles.

For custom products, the price will depend on the quantity and volume of the pieces. 

3D Printing

After you have approved the 3D model, we 3D print it. We use 3D print as a "master copy" that we mold and cast the candles and soaps from.

Pricing for template shapes can be found on each individual page.

For custom projects, the 3D printing price varies based on the volume of the print.




After 3D printing the master, we create the molds. 

The molding price starts at $30 for smaller projects and increases depending on the number of pieces and your timeline.

For custom shapes, the price will also depend on the size of the mold needed.